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Posting places





Addictive Disorders






Impulse-Control Disorders






Sexual Disorders






Substance Abuse






Communication Disorders



Autism Spectrum add forums



Eating disorders

Visit the FISHY THINK TANK for interactive online recovery games on our bulletin board!


At Something Fishy --
The Remember It Hurts bulletin board has forums just for recovery -- and we also have a chatroom called The Recovery Room




Bipolar Disorder (BD)

 Manic depression




Emotional Support on the Internet (a large list of support groups on the Net arranged by category).

Mental Health Support Group (Email Support Group for those having a difficult time getting quality mental health services and perhaps even being abused in the process)



Depressive Disorders

Shadowed -

Depression Resources List (newsgroups, email groups, links and discussion of treatment for depression, including bipolar, panic, suicide and SAD. Self injury also discussed with self help measures

For Teenagers with Depression and/or Anxiety

Depression Bulletin Board






Learning Disorders

Relationships & Social Issues addforums
Healthy Living addforums



Women with ADD/ADHD

Women with ADD/ADHD addforums

ADDmirableWomen Mailing List http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Bath/8870/faq.html

Employment and Career Issues AddMirable

Dating/Spouses AddMirable
Friendships and Other Relationships AddMirable
Is It ADD? AddMirable


ADDmirableMessies" for the 'domestically challenged'   AddMirable

 Time Management Issues AddMirable

Money Management Issues AddMirable


You Know You're ADD When ...               AddMirable

Jokes and Bloopers                                     AddMirable

Inspiration share your favorite quotes, poems   AddMirable





http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GrowthQuest/   opoen to any mental illness w discuss religion




Mood Disorders

MentalEarth Community Support Forums



Personality Disorders

Self Injury Board (Moderated Board)





DBT Skills Discussion List



eggshells- bpd listing of e groups.htm


BPD - Self Harm/Suicide List

BPD-fightwithin    NO MENTION SELF INJURY---people devoted to recovery

BPD-UpFromTheAshes Specific details of self harm are not to be discussed feelings are ok


The Male Perspective for ones w bpd

Borderlines-4-Christ   interdenominational


Borderline Information Forum   not a support forum



BPD Sanctuary Board (Moderated board for those who have the borderline personality disorder or BPD traits

BPD Christian Board (Due to popular request, this board exists to discuss the BPD and Christianity).


BPD Parent Board (for those with the BPD diagnosis who are parents)

Borderline Personality Disordered Teenagers -




Battle Plan Ministry Forums Men dealing with sexual sin.  Women dealing with sexual sin.


Women's Sexuality
Fortunuately sexuality is not a "mens' only" topic. Ladies, here's an opportunity to serve each other and discover more of what it means to be created female. This forum is also a place to discuss real world challenges. For an added sense of well-being, this is a moderated, private forum.
Moderator Women's Sexuality


Post your stories here!
If you are using my "Iceberg" approach to resolve one or more self-defeating behaviors, I hope you'll share your experience with others. As participation grows we'll develop invidividual forums for specific problem areas.



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia  addforums


Sleep Disorders

Sleeping addforums




Somatoform Disorders




Dissociative Disorders






Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders/Weight Issues/Body Image addforums







Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety PTSD, OCD, addforums







Psychotic Disorders






Trauma Disorders

Hopeful Hands (A Christian ministry to email for those who have endured child abuse



Sexual Abuse Survivors










ADD  specific


ADDults     Women with ADD/ADHD

Men with ADD/ADHD

Relationships & Social Issues

  Careers/Job Impact


 Learning Disabilities (LD)
Use this forums to discuss learning differences like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia,Dyspraxia



Autism Spectrum





DAILY impacts for disorders


Healthy Living Use this Forum to discuss Exercise, Nutrition, meditation,

ADDiction & Substance Abuse

Use this Forum to discuss anxiety issues and disorders such as PTSD, OCD



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia



Eating Disorders/Weight Issues/Body Image





For family members



Addictive Disorders






Impulse-Control Disorders






Sexual Disorders

Support of women victimized by sexual sin.

If you are a sister in Christ who has been damaged by habitual sexual sin such as pornography or homosexuality or other acting out behaviors from your spouse



Personality Disorders



Land of Oz mainly for the significant others of those with BPD: married, single, gay or straight.

Life on the Border  for parents of a BPDer

Borderline Tempest For Parents of BPD children or adult-children

NUTS (Needing Understanding, Tenderness and Support)   for parents  of BPDs 10-40 years


Kids of BPD "If you are a teen or adult-child of a borderline

BPS (Friends and family of borderlines. German speaking). To subscribe, send an E-mail message to mailto:LISTSRV@bedard.lake.de


BPD Family Board



BPD Open Forum (Moderated open board for those who have the BPD, families and clinicians so that all can learn from one another












Discussion forums

For  emotional/ phycological/ physical abuse issues






Pyschological Abuse Warriors and Survivors
PAWS provides an email list, IRC chat and support group.



Safe Shelter Discussion boards for survivors of abuse.



Shattered Men
Online support group for physically and emotionally abused men and women. ???



Sticks and Stones 2 Support for victims of verbal and emotional abuse.



Support For Family And Friends also survivors
Online support group for the family and friends of abuse survivors.



Victims of Emotional Abuse
Club to learn more about emotional abuse and how to deal with the hurt it inflicts.




Womans Emotional Abuse Support
Support for emotionally abused women.



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