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great resources for letter writing, for synonymes instead of oversusiing words

RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus rhymes, synonyms, definitions, phrases, anto/ homo phones , simalar sounding, and spellcheck *) 

wordwizard.com actually has DISCUSSIONS on word meaning's 9 really want to get indepth on a word and its circularity of meaning 



Thesaurus.com/release Synonyms of release at Thesaurus.com. ... Synonyms : acquit, bleach, blink at, clear, clear excuse, discharge, exculpate, exempt, exonerate, forgive , free

APOLOGY - Meaning and Definition of the Word

HyperDic, Online English Dictionary > sorry

Lessons in Lifemanship - Chapter 10: Forgiveness  
... In asking forgiveness, the effect is diminished, if not completely nullified, when a person says, "I will forgive you if you will forgive me." This implies ...

Forgiveness vs reconciliation

"Mediation and the Healing Journey Toward Forgiveness

In the victims' journey the first step is usually denial. Victims try to minimize the offense and look for what they did wrong to cause it. Mediation does not usually happen at this stage, but even if it does, it is not effective. Victims quickly accept an apology and the offenders do not experience much guilt and might repeat the offense. The next four stages the author adapts from Lewis B. Smedes' book, Forgive and Forget. The second stage is hurting. The victims acknowledge the offense and feel the pain. The victims will easily agree to meet with offenders during the mediation session, but only because they feel that an apology will bring a release from the emotional distress. Anger is the next step on the way to forgiveness. The victims realize the harm that the offense imposed upon them. The suggestion for mediators is to be patient and allow not just one meeting, but two or more to let the victim(s) analyze the information and move beyond the anger stage. The intervenor should understand the destructive force of the victims' anger against the offenders, but encourage the anger against the offense.

As with the victims, the offense has control over the offenders' lives as well. Thus offenders, too, must go through a healing process. The offenders' first stage is denial. Mediation can be harmful for the victims at this stage, since the offenders do not acknowledge their wrongdoings. However, the transition to the next stage might take years, or may never happen. When progress is made, the second stage, remorse, begins. The offenders admit their deeds but tend to concentrate on the circumstances that "led" them to commit the offense. They are looking for excuses. The role of the mediator is to encourage them to listen the victims' stories. Repentance happens when the offenders fully recognize the harm they have done and experience pain from the victims' suffering. Mediators should strive to bring offenders to that stage. The healing process will be successful when the offender authentically asks for forgiveness.

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