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Cloudy Days (5 Viewing)

This is our 'first line' trigger forum! If you're having a bad day and just need to talk; or if you're struggling with particular issues which you would like feedback on .. here's the place!

Rainy Days

This is our 'second line' trigger forum! Please use this forum to discuss specifc abuse issues, when less detail is required, and the threads are less likely to trigger other members.


Ascending the Mountain

A public resource forum for male survivors of abuse. Private forums for male members are available on request. Please see posts in this forum for details.




Replacing those negative thoughts and lifestyles with positives is a challenge for all survivors! This forum is the place to work on them together!




Colored text are my comments


http://ftio.home.mchsi.com/warfare-process-deliverance.htm MY VERSION IS A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT …… more focused on laying the groundwork first


planning to build His church and was laying the groundwork in the lives of the apostles (Matthew 16 ... serving one another for the mutual spiritual warfare.

http://ftio.home.mchsi.com/spiritual-warfare.htm very very intresting (I’d say stage 2 )

Prayers for Freedom from Bondage and Inner Healing  How to use these prayers

  Keep digging until you find the root of the problem.  (my note- 90 % of deliverence is in the teaching/ the new understanding required to not leave the once “infected” area just clean and hollow- there has to be new fruits/ new good seed in place so that  This will be an area that has given Satan a right to harass them.  Do not use these prayers as a ritual to take people through because that will not work.

Praying these prayers in faith, with a repentant heart, will bring about the desired results. This is a basic requirement- one has to have a personal relationship with Jesus not only as Savior, but Lord, too. It is very important to be water baptized (Acts 2:38). Explain to counselees the importance of water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They will need this Holy Spirit power to do effective spiritual warfare.

Sometimes,   have people take the prayers home and pray prayer No. 1 daily Renouncing deception & seeking truth until  next session together. This technique will start to bring the truth to the surface and then you will have something to work with.

I PERSONALLY, WOULDN’T USE ANY OF THE DELIVERANCE PRAYERS unless in the presence of a pastor, mentor,  who themselves have gone through deliverance and a) are experienced in prayer, b) are in a strong position spiritually themselves (not struggling/ needing themselves to be prayed/ have large issues on their heart   that same day.



Draft - Domestic Violence Prayer Service 



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